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Foothill Junior Cougars

Why do we play football?

Contact sports like football build even stronger bonds than non-contact sports, as
teammates literally “have one another’s backs.”

Welcome to Junior Cougar Football! The goal of our organization is to teach to the traits of discipline, accountability, great work ethic and having fun while achieving it. The physical skills you as athletes will learn help you succeed not only on Saturday’s, but eventually on Friday night’s as you move on to High School. That physical skill set, coupled with the mental aspect of football will help you in every facet of your life. You will learn to deal with conflict resolution. If a young athlete is flagged or tackled, he has to take it in stride. Overcoming obstacles on the football field can prepare you for success later in life. Now is the time to strengthen the foundation!

 Training to ensure proper behavior: the practice or methods of teaching and enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior.
 Calm controlled behavior: the ability to behave in a controlled and calm way even in a difficult or stressful situation.
Both definitions are perfect examples of how we act on and off the football field. Once you wear that Cougar uniform you’re a Cougar for life. Your coaches and team expect you to hold yourself at a higher standard. The most discipline team wins the football game. Discipline is the bridge between our football goals and football success.

Football is the ultimate team sport. It requires 100% focus and effort from everyone on the team. The effort you put into practice is a direct correlation of how you will perform on game day. In other words “you get out what you put in.” With that in mind, practice participation is crucial. It is important to be on time and at all practices. Your team is counting on you to do your part and contribute 100%. Don’t let them down!

Remember to have fun! We want to establish all these characteristics and have fun while doing so. Having fun will produce better results for you and your team. It is the complete package.

2019 8u Champions


2021 8u Champions

Undefeated 8u Football

2021 10u Champions

2021 10u Undefeated Champions 

Foothill Jr Cougars

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